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    Questions and Answers About Continuing Education Requirements:

    Continuing Education Rule - Section 4753-4-01, Ohio Administrative Code Refer to OAC for complete information regarding continuing education. Frequently asked questions and answers about Continuing Education Requirements:

    1. How can I learn the requirements for continuing education for renewal of my speech-language pathology or audiology license?

    Copies of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code are available at any public library, on the internet:, and may also be obtained from the Board office.

    2. How much continuing education is required?

    A licensee must earn twenty continuing education clock hours within the two-year licensure period. Actual contact hours spent in a continuing education activity will be considered. Lunches, breaks and other interruptions shall not count toward the required hours. For example, attending a three hour presentation earns three continuing education hours.

    3. When is continuing education required?

    Continuing education is required at each renewal with the exception of the very first

    4. What topics may be used to meet the continuing education requirements?

    Ten continuing education hours must be specific to clinical practice in the area of
    licensure. Ten continuing education hours may be acquired in areas related to speech language pathology or audiology or both.

    5. What is the "area of licensure"?

    The area of licensure is speech-language pathology or audiology as indicated by the

    6. What are "related areas"?

    Related areas are topics not specific to the area of licensure but would enhance the
    practice of the licensee.

    7. How will licensees know when to renew their license?

    Not less than thirty days prior to the deadline for licensure renewal all licensees will be
    notified by the Board office of the requirement to renew their license. Visit our web site
    at However pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code section 4753-3-01(C), all applicants, licensees, professional experience supervisors and others concerned with licensure shall be held responsible for knowing and understanding Chapter 4753. of the Revised Code and Administrative Code. This would include that it is the licensee’s responsibility to renew on time regardless if they receive notification or not 30 days prior to the renewal deadline.

    8. How will the Board know that a licensee has met the continuing education
    requirements for renewal?

    With payment of the renewal fee the licensee will submit an application attesting to the
    completion of required continuing education hours.

    9. When must the continuing education hours be earned?

    January1st of the odd year through December 31st of the following even year of each licensure period.

    10. How much continuing education is required for re-licensure?

    A license expired for more than one year cannot be renewed. The licensee must re-apply for licensure. Applicants previously licensed in the State of Ohio are required to submit to the Board documentation of completion of continuing education hours equivalent to those required of a licensee during the period prior to expiration of the license and for each renewal period of expiration, or 40 hours of continuing education obtained within the 2 years prior to the application, or as approved by the Board. 20 hours must be specific to clinical practice in the area of licensure. 20 hours may be acquired in areas related to speech language pathology or audiology or both.

    11. How long may continuing education hours be carried?

    Continuing education hours may not be carried over from one renewal period to the next and may not be used for more than one renewal or relicensure.

    12. What continuing education programs meet requirements for license renewal?

    (a) Academic coursework, including distance learning, in areas of speech-language
    pathology or audiology, or both, or related disciplines, taken through accredited colleges or universities.

    (b) Any activity approved for continuing education hours in related disciplines by any
    licensure board of the state of Ohio or any other state;

    (c) Any activity approved for continuing education in related disciplines by any
    department or agency of the state of Ohio or any other state; including any continuing
    education hours by a local professional development committee for renewal of a teaching certificate/license issued by the state's department of education to practice speech-language pathology or audiology;

    (d) Any activity, including distance learning or independent or self-directed study,
    approved for continuing education credit by an authorized provider of the "International
    Association of Continuing Education and Training,"; or

    (e) The equivalent as determined by the board.

    13. What is ASHA Independent-Study credit?

    ASHA sponsors can offer independent-study credit to individuals who wish alternatives
    to group programs. Independent study is a self-designed educational experience for the
    enhancement of one's knowledge in a specific area relevant to the field of
    communication disorders. A plan of study must be completed by an ASHA sponsor and the licensee and submitted for ASHA continuing education credit. ASHA membership is not required for credit but, reporting of credit is done through the ASHA registry. For a list of sponsors and complete procedures call (301) 897-5700 ex-4481.

    14. How can a licensee determine whether a Continuing Education activity meets the criteria defined by (a) through (d) above?

    Licensees may contact the continuing education provider or an agency defined by (a)
    through (d) above, if announcement and registration materials do not indicate sponsorship or approving authorities.

    15. Is it necessary to register for university credit for continuing education?

    If a transcript is not available because the licensee was not registered, some alternative proof of successful completion of the course must be available.

    16. How are credit hours, semester hours or quarter hours for academic coursework converted to continuing education units?

    If a college/university is on quarters, multiply 10 hours for every 1 credit hour to obtain the number of CE clock hours the licensee earned. For semesters, multiply 15 for every 1 credit hour to obtain the number of CE clock hours. A passing grade of C or better is required. Auditing a course without a grade may be submitted to the Board for approval with written verification from the course instructor that the licensee successfully completed all course requirements, e.g., attendance and course assignments.

    17. Will continuing education approved by the Ohio licensure boards for
    occupational therapists, physical therapist, doctors, nurses, psychologists,
    counselors and social workers, etc. be accepted for speech-language pathology and audiology license renewal?

    If topics of continuing education are related to the practice of speech-language pathology or audiology, they will be accepted.

    18. Can continuing education credit be earned for presenting or teaching continuing education?

    ASHA continuing education credit for instructors will be accepted.

    19. Is continuing education required for licensees who are ill or serving “Active Duty” in the military?

    If the licensee presents evidence that failure to obtain the required continuing education hours was due to personal illness, military service or other circumstances beyond the licensee's control, the board may grant an extension of time to obtain the required continuing education hours. Any extension of time to complete the continuing education requirements will be granted solely at the discretion of the board.

    20. Can I earn continuing education without leaving my home?

    Many continuing education activities on video, audio and computer learning programs
    meet requirements for license renewal. Continuing education may be earned at home in any programs approved by agencies defined in (a) through (d). For example, accredited colleges and universities offer correspondence courses, distance learning programs and courses via the internet; ASHA offers independent study programs, journal study groups and self-paced home-study packages.

    21. When is verification of continuing education submitted to the Board?

    Documentation of continuing education should be submitted when a licensee is audited or when reapplying for licensure after a license has expired for more than one year.

    22. What documentation is required?

    Documentation shall be written verification of successful completion by the applicant or
    licensee from a board approved continuing education registry or provider of the
    continuing education hours. Documentation shall include the name of the continuing
    education provider, date of completion, subject, number of clock hours, course objective, your license number, and attendance of the licensee.

    23. How long must continuing education records be saved?

    Licensees must save documentation of continuing education hours for four years after the date of renewal

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